Caro 6.2
Commercial Column and powered sub woofer Loudspeaker system

The Caro series includes four types of high-performance vertical array speakers: caro6.2, caro8.3, caro6.3 and caro12.3. It has the characteristics of high directivity and progressive directivity control. High power and stable reliability. In addition, they all have unique laarray array interference correction technology to keep the horizontal beam width unchanged in higher frequency band, resulting in smooth response projection, high definition and excellent sound quality. If used with the original La audio dlx480 digital audio processor, the system can be more optimized and stable. There are a variety of installation methods, which are very suitable for fixed installation and portable applications.

Caro6.2 is a 6-unit vertical array voice column. The box contains 6 high-output, long-stroke 2-inch neodymium magnetic units arranged in close proximity. The extremely close physical distance between the units effectively ensures the polarity control. The box body is made of heavy steel and steel mesh cover, and the surface is coated with zinc plating and powder spraying to ensure the product is durable. Caro 6.2 uses a post switch, which can switch between 4 Ω or 16 Ω impedance. Caro8.3 is a high-performance two-way vertical array speaker. Caro8.3 has eight 3-inch subwoofers for medium and low frequencies. The eight subwoofers are closely arranged to effectively improve vertical directivity and maintain consistent vertical beam width. There are also six tweeters installed in the front of the bass unit in the upper part of caro8.3, which can provide more consistent direction for the cross area of treble and bass. The six dome tweeters can exceed the frequency limit of 20kHz. The passive frequency division network of the speaker can provide the best frequency response and accurate sound. The speaker has built-in 50W transformer and is designed with three-stage adjustment (12.5w/25w/50w), providing the greatest convenience for you in large-scale installation and use.

Caro6.3 and caro12.3 are 6 3-inch units and 12 3-inch vertical array sound columns respectively. The boxes of caro6.3 and caro12.3 are made of 9mm birch plywood and sprayed with waterproof paint, which are durable.

Technical Data



System Type


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Converage Pattern


Nominal Impedance

4Ω or 16Ω

Internal Amplifier(Cont/Peak)